Field Prep & Maintenance

Field Clean Up Day
Sunday, January 22nd 9-1pm.
No children are allowed.
Home Team is responsible for:
  • Infield Drag
  • Base(s) installation
  • Mound and Batters box grooming
  • Watering of Infield/Baselines/Home Plate-Batters Box
  • Field Paint (Baselines/Batters Boxes/Base Coach Box) *Minor B – 6′ radius circle of mound
  • 2-3 Games Balls (in-Division shed)
  • Placement of Garbage cans
Visitor Team is responsible for:
  • Post game Infield Drag/Brush
  • Replacement of Bases in appropriate storage (Saturday “last game”)
  • Remove Trash to Dumpster * Minor B includes Snack Bar Trash removal
  • Lock-up Division storage shed (Saturday “last game”)
Recommend Field Prep begins at least 30 minutes before game time
Home/Visitors assist one another in preparations of the fields to play