Weather Protocol

If inclement weather is present and may threaten the ability to play a game, the following process will be followed:

  • UIC or (if unavailable) other board member will make best effort to assess field conditions and make a decision
  • If board member is unavailable, Whitney managers of teams playing that day should make assessment and notify board ( of playing conditions
  • Decision to play should be made and communicated to affected managers no later than 3pm weekdays / 7am Saturdays
  • Best effort will be made to post game cancellation notices to the league’s website and Facebook pages by the same deadlines
  • Managers are responsible for notifying their respective teams of game status 
  • Once a game starts, the umpire has discretion and decision making authority for stopping play due to weather

Standard Conditions for Game Cancellation:

  • Moderate to heavy rain
  • Standing water on the field
  • Thunderstorm/lightning present in the area
  • Any other field condition that may present a safety hazard