Mid-Season BBQ – Volunteer and schedule updates

If you are volunteering for the Mid-Season BBQ, please be sure to register at this link: http://vols.pt/hEXpeP.

Also, please note there is an updated schedule for the Loco Ocho Fitness Challenge (located behind Minor B right field):

9:45 Minor B A’s

10:00 Minor B Cubs

10:15 Minor B Giants

10:30 T-Ball Giants

10:45 Majors Nationals

11:00 T-Ball Yankees

11:15 Majors Giants

11:30 Majors Astros

11:45 Minor A Athletics

12:00 Minor A Mariners

12:15 T-Ball Athletics

12:30 T-Ball Braves

12:45 T-Ball Cubs

1:00 Minor B Padres

1:30 Minor B Pirates

1:45 Minor B Dodgers

2:00 Minor A Nationals

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